Come to our next meeting to help the Westlake-Westshore Arts Council plan for the Bicentennial and beyond.


The Westlake-Westshore Arts Council has sponsored the creation of Public Sculpture and Works of Art.  If you would like to participate in planning or fundraising, contact us or attend one of our meetings or events.





A Bicentennial Message from The Westlake Historical Society


The Westlake Historical Society would like for you to join us as we display a green bow in support of our city's 200th birthday. Please display a green bow on your mailbox to show your support for the Bicentennial Celebration of our city's birthday.

All residents and businesses in Westlake are asked to display a green bow beginning on September 1. The Westlake Post Office has approved the display of bows on the outside of the mailbox. Please feel free to be creative! If you have any questions, call the Westlake Historical Society at 440-721-1201 or visit The Westlake Historical Society at:


Fly the Flag
by Lysa Stanton

The Westlake Historical Society wants to see your American flag! Do you fly your flag on special designated days? Are you flying your flag today?

As part of Westlake's Bicentennial, the historical society would like for you to send us photos of your American flag. We would like to ask you to snap a photo of Old Glory for use in a Clague House Museum display.  Members of the historical society will also take the photo for you if you would like.

A selection of the flag photos will be part of a Westlake U.S.A. print as well.

You may send your photograph with your name, address and phone number to:

The Westlake Historical Society
P.O. Box 45064
Westlake, Ohio 44145
Or send them as a jpeg file to